From its humble origins in Ethiopia, coffee has grown to become a vast economic and cultural force. The coffee industry is one of the worlds largest in terms of manpower, employing over 25 million people worldwide in its cultivation and production processes. After oil it is the worlds most traded commodity in terms of value with over 70 million bags of coffee bought each year.

Today, coffee bars are considered the fastest growing Food and Beverage business. Coffee, freshly roasted, ground and brewed in numerous styles is what the world is turning to.

Sun Blessed Coffee Private Limited's mission statement is pioneering fine coffee in India. The company owns a beautiful little plantation called Mercara Gold Estate, nestled amidst lush greenery in the home of the finest coffee-growing region of India - Coorg (Kodagu).

Here Coffee trees are loved and cared for like children. This passion makes us the only gourmet coffee company in India that packages "still warm", roasted coffee, on the estate, ensuring you get the freshest and most aromatic Indian coffee possible.

Only the finest grades are chosen, yes we will have nothing to do with the rest. Our coffee beans are slow roasted and our blends are extensively tested using computerized sample roasters, the only way to get the best out of a coffee, ask any roastmaster.

We grind to suit the brewing method in a path breaking precision burr grinder and work in small batches to keep heat generation at a minimum and the aromatic essential oils in.

Packaged immediately in an industry benchmark, one-way valve bag, a revolutionary technology used in the coffee industry ensures there is no loss of flavour or aroma, no, nobody else in India is doing it.

To complement our extraordinary range of coffees we stock a range of French press or plunger type brewers from the best name in the world, La Cafetiere™. Simple, elegant and known to produce the most delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, it gets the best out of your coffee into your cup.

Are you an organization who thinks you, your team members or your customers can do with a better cup of coffee? Are you looking for a fixed contract for in-time supply of great coffee? You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this is our specialty. Call, fax, email, or simply visit us at, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Do go over the range that we have to offer, indulge yourself, to what the world's turning to - Great Coffee
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