Pan Method:
• Take equal quantities of water and milk in a pan
• Add one rounded tablespoon
(7 gms.) coffee per cup
• Add sugar as per taste and bring the mixture to a boil
• Strain immediately using your usual tea strainer for a creamy cup of coffee!

Manual Drip:
Measure one rounded tablespoon
(7gms.) Coffee per cup into the filter basket
Pour the correct amount of water into the water compartment
Put on the drip machine
Water will be heated and drip into the filter basket
Coffee will drip into the glass beaker which can be served black or with hot milk

French Press:
Measure one rounded tablespoon (7gms.) coffee per cup into the glass cylinder
Pour in the correct amount of water just off the boil (95? C)
Stir with a spoon, set the plunger on top of the cylinder and allow the grounds to steep
Press the plunger down slowly after five minutes and serve

South Indian Filter Coffee:
Measure one rounded tablespoon (7gms.) coffee per cup
Place on the filter mesh Pour freshly boiled water and cover with lid
Leave to percolate
Coffee will collect in the bottom cylinder
Use decoction with milk as per taste

Care while brewing:
• Make sure you always use fresh Coffee
Pure, good tasting water is essential to a great cup of Coffee
Make sure you brew at the right temperature (92? 95? C)
Brew for the right amount of time, too little time yields an under extracted weak brew, while too much time gives an over extracted bitter cup

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